30 tips for success by Jack Ma

Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba, and arguably one of the most respected in the Chinese tech space. This is not only due to the companies he built, but also his personality and ideas.

Here are his 30 tips for success that I’ve translated into English.

  1. Lists your three most important things every day
  2. Arrive to the office ten minutes earlier than others
  3. Think for a few seconds before speaking
  4. Count to 30 before throwing a tantrum
  5. When in doubt, pick the hardest thing to do
  6. Give everything a deadline
  7. Sit in the front row
  8. Observe people walking in front of you
  9. Leave the office ten minutes later than others
  10. Remember the names of everyone around you
  11. Do everything enthusiastically, even sweeping the floor
  12. Praise others behind their backs
  13. Pay attention of everyone around you
  14. Let others finish speaking
  15. Give others a little more than they expect
  16. Praise people before criticizing them
  17. Always carry a pen and paper
  18. Note down your dreams within five minutes of waking up
  19. List your ten weaknesses, and correct them one by one
  20. When it comes to important decisions, sleep on it
  21. Ask yourself questions five minutes before sleeping
  22. Keep smiling every day
  23. Never bring work home
  24. Eat breakfast with your family
  25. Meet new friends through old friends
  26. Spend half an hour a day reading books
  27. Have four short-term goals, and one main goal
  28. Never let making money never be your main goal in life
  29. Read your goals aloud ten times a day
  30. Take immediate action!

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